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The Tour Production Group

About the TPG

The Tour Production Group (TPG) is an independent, UK-based and internationally attended association of live music touring professionals.

The Association is dedicated to enhancing professionalism in the touring industry through education, best practice and advice.


  • To provide suggested best practice of how a tour should be structured and run with regards to health & safety, inclusion, diversity, equality, respect, welfare, sustainability and financial implications

  • Build links with other relevant industry-related associations and organisations

  • Create open dialogue with institutions and key figures within the wider music industry and education sector to promote the work of the TPG

  • To seek practical and timely solutions to industry specific problems in order to meet our members' needs

  • To help change the perception of the touring industry, and aim for it to be recognised as a viable and credible profession

  • Give TPG members a sense of belonging and a go-to place within the touring professional’s community, connecting members, providing support and sharing knowledge

  • Encourage and advocate inclusion, diversity, equality, mental welfare, sustainability, progress and best practice in the touring profession

  • To provide a comprehensive list of resources and guides to best practice that are structured, coherent, workable and most importantly, accessible to the touring profession

  • Work together to help our members overcome challenges within their profession, and work on initiatives to address key issues in the industry

  • Work closely with our members to build trust and confidence so all touring professionals desire to become a member of the TPG


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