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About the Association

The TPG evolved out of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, more specifically from the instant decimation of global touring.

With worldwide event cancellations and no timeline for a return-to-work, the TPG was created to look at how live music touring could operate safely in the Covid-19 era, remain connected with colleagues, network with educators, and evolve touring culture as we knew it - all via Zoom!

In this website you will find the direct results of these meetings.

We offer resources for touring professionals on DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), Sustainability and Mental Welfare & Personal Wellbeing.

All of these resources are free to everyone, as we feel these are of such importance they need to be available to as many people as possible.

Our core values

The Association and its Members will always act with compassion, integrity and respect towards other Members and fellow professionals; remaining open-minded and inclusive at all times.

Through a shared passion for the industry, the Association will encourage and support its Members; together we will lead by example and strive for excellence. 

Communication will always be unrestricted honest and respectful, with everyone encouraged to say what they think and how they feel, even where it’s uncomfortable or challenges the norm. 

Meet the team

The TPG association is governed and managed by a Committee.

The Committee has eight elected members consisting of four Officer positions

and four Member positions

Elections are held every 12 months.




Wob has been in the biz for over 40 years & a Production Manager for 25. From theatres to stadiums, Evanescence to Robbie Williams, there's not a lot of situations he hasn't had to overcome while travelling around the planet. Wob sees the TPG as "the resource I was looking for back in ’97 when I needed helpful suggestions in putting a production together; crew, suppliers, travel, freight, budgets etc, dealing with the nitty gritty of touring" As Chair, Wob would like to welcome members at all stages of their career to the TPG conversation. 




A former member of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, JD whet his appetite for the music industry working for Maurice Jones from Midland Concert Promotions (MCP), before becoming a freelance Production and Stage Manager.  

JD has nearly three decades of live music event production experience, working with a long and varied list of well-known artists from all genres. Now head of his own production company, he brings logistical and planning expertise in all elements of tour/production setup and management.




Lotje is a Tour Manager from Amsterdam and has been in the music industry for 20 yearrs. She started booking local bands as a teenager and has since covered a variety of jobs in the industry: stage-hand, production runner, merch vendor, agent assistant, stage manager and backstage hospitality. Most recently she has been tour managing, traveling the world supporting artists playing anywhere from squats to stadiums. In recent years she’s worked with M83, Robyn, Royksopp, The Knife, Fever Ray, Susanne Sundfør and ionnalee.




With a background in producing large-scale private events, Helen started in the touring industry working for a vendor looking after tour trucking & logistics.  Since moving into Production Helen has had the privilege of touring the world and working with some of the best in the industry.

Through the TPG she'd like to help the profession move forward and embrace new initiatives & values, whilst retaining the fundamentals of what makes live production such a great industry to work in: creativity, personality and passion.


Committee Member


With nearly 30 years of touring and production experience at all levels and across every continent, Jamal has had the great privilege to work with Artists of all genres from all over the globe; from pioneers of Punk & Hip Hop to Rock Legends & Mega DJs, accumulating invaluable experience over the years, forging a strong work ethic and always striving to implement best practices.

He is committed to change, mentoring and educating the next amazing generation of industry professionals.


Committee Member


Working in the industry since 1985, David started out by selling merchandise and driving bands.  With a clear passion for the industry as a whole, he moved through the various roles within live touring and events, working his way up to some key positions. David's primary roles now are in tour and production management, as well as being the Director of a local crewing company.

Amanda Thomson - Bio Pic.jpeg

Committee Member


Amanda started in the industry in 1997.  As a trainee for a sound & lighting company in Australia, she worked her way through the ranks before moving to London to advance her chosen career as a monitor engineer.

She's been given many great opportunities to work with amazing artists & crew members. In 2010, she started AM Touring with her partner & has been tour managing & mixing monitors around the world since. Via TPG's pioneering agenda, Amanda now wants to give back to the industry she loves.

Rebecca Travis pic.png

Committee Member


Rebecca has been touring for 21 years, tour managing for 15. She's been lucky enough to see the world many times over and has worked with some incredible artists including Florence + The Machine, Ellie Goulding, James Blake, Flight of the Conchords and Gorillaz.

Being part of the TPG during this downtime has been hugely positive for Rebecca, who feels working towards positive change within the industry will lead to amazing possibilities for all.

To speak to any of our Committee Members please use the contact form on our

Get In Touch page

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