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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Safe Space Agreement

We come together collectively with the desire to make positive change happen for ourselves and others within the touring community. Our shared spaces are welcoming and all-inclusive. 


Whenever we gather as a group we promise to;


  • Create a confidential, non-judgemental space where we give permission to be corrected on the use of out-dated language or thinking. We will educate each other and learn together. We will be solution focussed, rather than person focussed when criticising ideas.

  • Be fearless in our quest for education, we will actively make use of a range of resources and micro-affirmations.

  • Appreciate and acknowledge ourselves as having individual perspectives. With this uniqueness, we will strive to empathise with any differences they may present. We will avoid using generalisations and stereotypes.

  • Allow, and encourage, healthy challenges of individual interpretation and power dynamics by holding each other to account. Together, we will encourage each of our members to use their voice (even if for the first time) - as none of us know everything, but together, we know a lot.

  • If a member is ever triggered by subject matter, we as a collective rally round them with compassion and remember that we each hold our own individual frames of reference.

  • We acknowledge that everyone is here to learn and members who may be a part of a minority group are not solely responsible for teaching those who are not. We take on the task of education as individuals and make it our mission to share these resources with the group. 

  • To encourage inclusivity, we invite people to include their pronouns in their screen name to ensure that everyone feels they are welcome and respected. 

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