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Why Join?


The TPG is a unique network of touring professionals within the music industry. As a collective, we share a great wealth of experience and resources, and work on making positive change in our industry.


We invite you to join this community, be part of improving the culture within the profession and have your say on what's important to you. 




Membership of the TPG is open to all those who have a touring role within the live music industry; whether it be a backline tech, stage manager, rigger, caterer or PM/TM.


For an annual fee of £25 all members have full access to every Working Group session, and any session notes and recordings after the event.


The Members Area of the website also contains helpful resources and Best Practice Guidance on subject matters including Sustainability, Mental Welfare and Diversity Equity + Inclusion. 

As a TPG member you are encouraged to put forward suggestions for new working groups and are eligible for nomination as a facilitator of a working group or the committee, as well as having a voting right at the association's AGM.







Monies from membership fees and donations go directly towards the ongoing running costs of the association, and are also used to fund research and training initiatives that address key issues in the industry. 

Tour Production Group is a not-for-profit organisation and the annual accounts are made available to all registered association members.  

The TPG understands, better than most, the ongoing financial hardship created within our community due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you have been the recipient of an industry specific financial support grant, please contact us directly to discuss joining options.


Join the conversation and help influence the future of your industry 

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