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Sustainability is an urgent burning issue. 
Globally, governmental and industrial leaders are working on initiatives and publicising plans to conduct their business in a more sustainable way and becoming carbon neutral is a regularly discussed ambition.
What can we do in the live music touring sector?
Where do we start?
What influences do we have?
What should we be aiming to achieve?
Who do we speak to?
These are questions our working group is focused on researching and delivering guidance on. 
The working group invites speakers from within our industry and further afield to share their relevant experience and knowledge. 
This, together with the Q&A sessions at the end of each meeting, forms a significant part of the best practise guidelines and resources that we share with our members.

The working group  is run by two co-facilitators who support the Committee and the Association in achieving its objectives relating to sustainability within the music touring profession.


With nearly 30 years of touring and production experience at all levels and across every continent, Jamal has had the great privilege to work with Artists of all genres from all over the globe; from pioneers of Punk & Hip Hop to Rock Legends & Mega DJs.

He has accumulated invaluable experience over the years, forging a strong work ethics and always striving to implement best practices.

The forced downtime caused by COVID-19 has allowed him to focus on the issue of sustainability within the music industry and be part of the solution.

Through the TPG Sustainability Group, Jamal aims to open up an industry-wide 360° dialogue, to promote best practice, provide guidance and tools for the challenging times ahead.

He is committed to change, mentoring and educating the next amazing generation of industry professionals.


Starting out initially as a sound engineer over 25 years ago, Chris Marsh has worked with a wealth of talent in the industry, at all levels. In 2011, he was introduced to a relatively unknown, upcoming artist and became both the Production Manager & Sound Engineer for Ed Sheeran, taking him from clubs to festivals, arenas and into stadiums. He’s also part of audio vendor Major Tom, and video supplier Colonel Tom.

Through his work with the TPG’s Sustainability Group, he wants to promote sustainability being the foundation of all our ambitions for the future, raising awareness of the need to act and providing guidance that is realistic and achievable; ultimately making sustainability a ‘must do’ instead of a ‘should do’.    

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